choose to cheat

why cheat?

Why not? After a hard days work don’t spend 2 hours cooking when you can have an exceptionally tasty meal on your plate in minutes. Just relax enjoy your evening with a meal of whatever you fancy at the time. If it’s for someone else you could always pretend you made it – they will never know.

Try Cheat

why choose cheat?

Choose Cheat ready meals because they are as close to a perfect home cooked meal as you can get in a ready meal. Our passion, attention to detail, quality of ingredients and the talent of our small team of chefs results in the best tasting ready meals available. Added to this we are innovative and some of our ready meals options are just not available from any other company.

Try Cheat

why we are different…


We won’t be beaten on the taste of our meals and they are the tastiest ready meals available today


We know how to cook with the best quality produce and as a result our meat is always beautifully tender in every single meal


Cheat meals are competitively priced but we don’t scrimp on the more expensive stuff with market leading levels of meat and fish content in every meal


Every meal is delivered frozen and can be kept for months if necessary until you fancy it. Then it will be on your plate in minutes. All you have to do is take it from the freezer follow the cooking instructions and press the right buttons

impress your friends

Why not have a curry night with friends? Before they arrive have a little cheat by gently heating portions of our curries then popping them in your saucepan and serve with our lovely pea and mushroom pilau rice. They will definitely want to come to dinner at your house again and it’s your choice whether to hide our packaging or not

great service

We care passionately about the quality of our meals, the environment and about the welfare of our wonderful staff. This passion of course also applies to you and our service to you is personal, professional and totally reliable. Always