Yes. You can store them in your freezer for months then when you want a really tasty meal just take the meal out and follow the cooking instructions for oven or microwave
Yes, most meals can be cooked in either oven or microwave and sometimes we recommend the right way for the best results. Some meals are oven cook only or microwave cook only which is clearly stated on the product page
Yes, and not only are they suitable for recycling they are also made from recycled material. The film lid sadly is not recyclable but when the technology arrives to produce recyclable film we will adapt it straight away.
Your meals will be packed in a cardboard eco box with a clever paper filled insulating liners, all of which is recyclable and compostable. We also add ice gel packs which when defrosted can be poured straight down your sink or drain and the plastic pouch can also be recycled
Yes every meal contains a full list of ingredients used and all recognised allergens are clearly marked in bold. Our kitchen operates to strict HACCP procedures to ensure no cross-contamination of allergens
We do not specialise in Halal or Kosher meals. However, all chicken used is certified Halal.
Yes, currently every meal is designed as a portion for one person with a regular appetite, although we may launch meals for 2 or 4 in the coming months. Watch this space.
We are recruiting stockists now. Please check our list of current stockists to see if there is one near you
Yes please submit a contact form and we will send you our information pack. We can deliver anywhere in the UK except Scottish Highlands, Islands, and Norther Ireland.

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